Granada City - Personal Project

Since Granada is my city I decided to include and synthesize part of its well-known monuments and places using pleasant colors sample which also contrast right among themselves. The inspiration for this image came from a c4d+vray course given by TAVO on a graphic design website very popular in Spain. The topic to develop was to portray a particular city through synthesizing its shapes. Well, inspiration was close to me indeed, my beautiful city, Granada. Granada is a multicultural city, historical one with an overwhelming cultural and artistic heritage where Alhambra is considered a world heritage monument. Obviously, this has been my best choice for this project.

With this scene I tried to synthesize the shapes in the best way I could. I used this particular colors sample in order to match properly with the style of the shapes and get a successful contrast among them as well as to catch the viewer’s attention. Something I would highlight about the composition is that Granada province has a mountainous area as well as sea-coast apart from the well-known city. This is the reason for depicting these three different heights: the snowboarder on the peak of the mountain, the city at the intermediate level and fishes lower in the sea. I used 3dmax and octane to finalize the project. Using 3dmax made me feel more confident as I’ve been using it for many years. To me TAVO’s course was not about training in the use of a new software but about the idea and the composition, beyond the tools.


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